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"As human beings, whether we realize it or not, we work hard to reduce anxiety. Stock markets create anxiety by displaying their value in real time. The best investors do not watch the market; they check in on their accounts periodically, and they understand how their money managers are compensated. Make a plan in 2023 to reduce your media consumption around finance, and try to avoid looking at stock market tickers."

~ Dan Cunningham | (802)

"Automate your savings. Select a regular savings rate to your various investment accounts and set it up to happen automatically on whatever schedule works best for you. This automatic savings allows you to prioritize your future self by consistently investing in the market. Investors with automatic savings are more likely to continue investing during market declines, enabling them to take advantage of discounted share prices. Prioritize your future self in the new year and get your automatic savings rate set up today!"

~ Katie Bensel | (203)

"It sounds simple, but don’t lose sight of what investing really is. When you buy a share of stock, you are buying an ownership interest in a business. When you buy a bond, you are making a loan. Too often, investors think like short-term gamblers instead of thinking like long-term business owners and lenders."

~ Josh Kruk | (802) 338-6326 •

"In addition to reducing fees and diversifying your investments, one of the most important aspects of successful investing is time. It’s been said the key to Warren Buffett’s success is not merely that he is a good investor, but that he has been a good investor for three quarters of a century. The power of compounding money over time cannot be overstated. This advice is not just for young investors though. Regardless of your age, the best way to elongate your investment timeline is to jump the hurdle of inertia and start investing now. You will never hear an investor say, 'I wish I had started investing later in life.'"

~ Carrie McDonnell | (802) 767-7665 •

"2022 was a challenging year for most investors – navigating a bear market and a looming recession. As the new year begins, it is an opportunity to reassess your financial picture, whether you are starting to invest, receiving an inheritance, or nearing retirement. There are opportunities to improve your investment performance by lowering hidden fees and minimizing taxes. Here's how you can learn more."

~ Peter Egolf | (802) 999-2321 •

"At One Day In July, we value VALUE. As we approach the end of the year and enter a new one, spending some time on financially valuable things can improve your personal financial health. For example, knowing where all of your financial accounts are is important. Do you have IRAs or old 401ks that you haven’t looked at in years? Do you know your employer’s 401k match and are you maximizing that potential benefit? Take a quick review of your bank and credit card statements – are there subscriptions you no longer need but are paying for (I am often guilty of this one). Watching the markets minute by minute is not something we encourage. But, spending some time to make sure you know where your money is, how your money is invested, and what fees you are paying is a smart and valuable use of time."

~ Nancy Westbrook | (802) 578-6441 •

“As interest rates and the cost of capital normalize over the course of 2023, traditional business models and investment strategies should continue to prevail. Established sectors that are profitable and able to grow the top and bottom line should do well. We believe dividend yields will be important to "compete" with increasing yields from bonds. Further, higher yields mean bonds will provide positive cash flow and should ultimately be negatively correlated with equities, providing a hegde in the contest of balanced portfolios."

~ Frank Koster | (802) 777-9768 •

“Don’t try to time the market and chase returns. Active management and higher fees often lead to a drag on performance and tax inefficiency. Over the long term, passive fund strategies have consistently outperformed active fund strategies.1"

1. Active vs. Passive Investment Management

~ Keith McCarthy | (860) 581-7011 •

"Commit to your investment plan and ignore those who believe that they know what will happen next in financial markets. There is never going to be an all clear signal indication that stocks are about to enter a new bull market. Missing the early days of a new upward trend can be costly."

~ Hans Smith | (802) 324-6469 •

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