About Me

Burlington Vermont Retirement Planning

I love investing and I care deeply about my clients' success. I look forward to it every day, and I love the freedom of my own firm. But beyond that, here's a bit about me.

Growing Up

I grew up in Bennington, Vermont, a wonderful small town in the southwestern corner of the state. I came from a frugal household: my mom sewed all of our drapes and taught me not to spend money. One of my father's aphorisms was "A fool and his money are soon separated."

Seeing my computer and business interests, my dad, who was a physician, advised me not to become a doctor. (I heeded his advice right up to my wedding day, when I married one.)

Princeton University

I attended Princeton University. At Princeton I took a course in the economics department with the electrifying name "Corporate Finance," where I was first exposed to the idea of index investing. Burton Malkiel, one of the fathers of indexing, was a professor in the department and likely had convinced all the other professors to assign his book, "A Random Walk Down Wall Street." I was so fascinated by the concept (1), and probably somewhat excited to get out of the engineering labs, that I read the entire book in one sitting during spring break.

A lot of intelligent people I knew from Princeton are in the financial industry. I realized in my early 20's that these were not people you want to try to outsmart. Humility is a better trait than arrogance when it comes to finance.

Starting & Growing Businesses

I have started several businesses prior to One Day In July. The common thread that has emerged over the years from testing business models and products is that "simplicity works." In all aspects of One Day In July I have created a simple, clear approach that is easy for you. Simplicity leads to understanding, understanding leads to discipline, and discipline leads to good long terms results.

Burlington, Vermont

Today I live in Burlington, Vermont (aka BTV) with my wife and 4 children who attend Burlington public schools. We love it here and plan to stay in the area for a long time. When not working or taking care of my kids I like to read, run, downhill ski, and play my cello.

I am a registered Investment Advisor Representative and I hold a Series 65 securities license.

(1) The thesis of the book "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" is that a monkey throwing darts at a newspaper page to choose securities can outperform a Wall St. financial professional. Both the result and the visual image are intriguing.