Vermont Financial Planner

Declutter and Spark Joy

Financial Planning? Meet Steve Schleupner

Everyone seems to be talking about decluttering. Daily conversation buzzes with verbs about paring down. Minimize; streamline; prioritize. We look for “clean lines” and wax rhapsodic about “clearing out.”

Financial Planner Near You.

One Day In July’s Personal CFO can do just that for you, and it’s not just trendy verbiage. Just as you might have a CFO in your business to organize all things financial planning and to avoid costly errors, consider how someone could do the same for your personal finances. Whether you could use some guidance from a financial advisor on decisions involving your family’s spending, saving, and investments, or you are an entrepreneur trying to get your financial details in order, our Personal CFO program goes well beyond investing. The focus is on your whole financial planning picture – from tiny details to major goals – as a means to achieve financial wellness.

Pay Yourself First.

In a careful process of building a trusting relationship with you around your financial needs and goals, educating you about your options, and guiding you towards financial health, we are committed to clearing out the cobwebs and cleaning up the mess. We teach our clients that financial integrity is beyond product. It stems from instilling good habits and behaviors, increasing savings, and opening up your awareness of your unique relationship with money. Whatever needs to be taken care of in financial planning, understanding, and growing your wealth, our Financial Planner gets it done.

This is a separate One Day In July program from investment management. Please contact your advisor if you would like to learn more.