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The worst investing decisions are usually driven by fear or greed. You can't control the market but the market can control you if you let it.

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Moneyball Part 1

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | August 23, 2022

As long as humans are involved, neither sports nor investing will resemble science. Short-term results will be subject to randomness. However, in both cases, a basic understanding of probability increases the likelihood of long-term success.

Moneyball Part 2

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | September 2, 2022

Investors are prone to many of the same subjective biases that influenced old school baseball scouts. The first step in mitigating the impact of those biases is to acknowledge their existence and to understand that no one is completely immune from them.

Understanding Fixed Income - Interest Rate Risk

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | December 7, 2021

While it is generally true that bonds are less volatile than stocks, bond investments are still subject to price fluctuations that can be material at times. Therefore, like any other investment, it is prudent to understand the drivers of fixed income performance in order to avoid taking on unintended risk.

Should I Buy Bitcoin?

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | October 6, 2021

I’m concerned that the mass-production of digital assets will eventually have a negative “crowding out” impact on the scarcity argument for Bitcoin. It’s also possible that a better mousetrap will come along and turn Bitcoin into the “Palm Pilot” of cryptocurrencies.

How Worried Should You be About the Next Bear Market?

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | June 23, 2021

A market correction is defined as a decline of 10% or greater from the market's most recent high. A bear market is a more severe type of correction with a peak to trough decline of 20% or greater.

2020: A Case Study in the Futility of Market Timing

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | Feb. 18, 2021

If you approach the market like it's a casino, the market will treat you like a gambler.

Mutual Funds vs ETFs

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | June 23, 2021

A basic goal for many investors is to gain their desired market exposure in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Is your Investment Advisor Worth One Percent?

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | June 7, 2021

Our fees are less than half of the McKinsey average for similarly sized portfolios.

Tax Strategy: Tax Loss Harvesting

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | April 13, 2021

It's a fact of investing that markets sometimes go down, and occasionally by a lot. It's also generally true that not all investments will perform well at the same time.

Tax Strategy: Tax Lot Optimization

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | April 13, 2021

As investment accounts age and grow in size, they often contain security holdings that have been accumulated gradually over time rather than purchased all at once.

The Expected Return is Market Return

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | May 26, 2020

One fairly straightforward, but important, point about investing is that the combined future return for all investors who purchase securities that are part of a given index must by definition equal the future return of that index before any fees.

Behavioral Biases in Investing: Ignoring the Noise

By Financial Advisor Josh Kruk | Sept. 24, 2019

Loss aversion demonstrated that for most people, the negative feelings generated from incurring a loss outweigh the positive feelings generated from realizing an equal-sized gain.

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