Intended for beginning investors with $10,000 to $25,000

One Day In July's Launcher Program is a low-cost opportunity for new investors to begin their financial journey with the guidance of a professional investment advisor.

per month

Launcher accounts are generally IRAs.
We can help with 401k or other rollovers

Yes: dedicated Advisor
Yes: 100% fiduciary
Yes: 100% objective advice
Yes: low + clear fees
Yes: index fund methodology
Yes: diversification of investments
Yes: rebalancing of account
Yes: ability to contact your Advisor on his or her cell phone.

x No: call-centers
x No: product commissions paid to Advisor
x No: conflicts of interest: our firm does not create funds
x No: complicated or subtle billing of your account
x No: sales charges on products
x No: annuities or whole life insurance sales

You must commit to an automatic savings rate of $300/month or more.