Steve Schleupner

As a financial advisor, I take pride in developing trusting relationships with my clients and coaching them towards the goal of financial wellness.

I Learn From My Clients Every Day

My financial advising career began in 2002. I was quickly humbled during my very first meeting, when my client broke down in tears because of a forced early retirement resulting from Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War. I remember not sleeping that night as I thought about the immense responsibility I now had as his financial advisor, and how my critical role could have life-changing financial implications for his family. Ever since that day, I have come to work committed to coaching my clients through all of the complex pieces of their financial lives and helping them achieve the confidence and clarity that comes with financial wellness. Using a holistic, goals-based approach to financial planning, I teach my clients that financial wellness is beyond product. It stems from instilling good habits and behaviors, increasing savings, and opening their awareness of their unique relationship with money.

Personal CFO

For many years I worked for "big name" financial institutions, such as Merrill Lynch and TIAA CREF. Then one day I thought back to my first client and decided to become a true advocate for my clients in a fiduciary relationship. So, I went out on my own and then helped develop the concept of Personal CFO at One Day In July. Instead of seeing each client relationship as a profit quest, I now view each one as an opportunity to deliver value, easing the financial stress that so many people carry.

Education: The First Step in Financial Wellness

Many advisors only focus their efforts on the "what." What product can the client buy? What strategy should I form around the products? Not many advisors, however, answer the "how," "when" and "why" questions. How are taxes paid? When should I start planning for retirement? Why choose this option over the other options? This is the education side of planning - the missing link in our field - and this is what I enjoy the most. I teach clients to become better stewards of their own money.

Relieving Financial Stress

Why People Seek Income Certainty in Retirement

How Can I Save More Money?

How to Build an Emergency Fund

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