Services We Offer

Investment Management, Personal CFO



One Day In July invests your money in low-cost index funds. An index fund is a financial instrument that provides exceptional diversity at low cost. It is traded like a stock, except when you buy a stock you purchase shares in one company. When you buy an index fund, you buy all the companies in the index it tracks, all at once, in one simple transaction.


Our fees are among the lowest in the nation for an Advisory firm. We offer clients a service at a low cost, and we believe the quality is excellent. As John Bogle once said, “In investing, you get what you don’t pay for.” We are an ultra-low-fee advisor; we encourage you to compare our fees with others. We believe fees should be transparent and simple.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is an investment strategy aimed at balancing risk and reward by carefully assessing a client’s goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. At One Day In July, decades of work by our Founder have led to investment models that are diversified and prepared for different market environments. Each portion of the portfolio serves a specific function for you.

Rebalancing: “The Only Free Lunch.”

Your One Day In July advisor will rebalance your portfolio on a schedule that makes sense with your asset level and our internal models. Nobel Prize-winning American economist Harry Markowitz called diversification “The only free lunch in finance.” Worth noting.

Fiduciary Financial Advising

We are fiduciaries. We represent only the interests of our clients, and no one pays us other than our clients. We are independent in our decision making, and we do not cross-sell other financial products.


Saving and Decluttering

Your Personal CFO will focus with you on a different approach to saving and organizing your financial picture. Your end result should be a clean, simplified financial life as you move towards maximizing your wealth.


Education is an essential part of a Personal CFO’s role in your life. Working with you to achieve clarity on your portfolio, sort out past decisions and future goals, your One Day In July Personal CFO will coach you towards a developed sense of confidence about your wealth. After all, you should be the steward of your own financial picture.


Financial wellness is your goal when working with a Personal CFO at One Day In July. Money plays an essential part in your life, and you should not only know how to manage it, but feel confident about how you do so. Your finances can have an effect on your overall health; helping you thrive as you work towards your financial and personal goals is our greatest priority.

Estate Planning

Your Personal CFO will focus on integrating your key estate planning documents in a holistic way, ensuring that your estate plan accurately carries out your wishes with efficiency and accuracy. Our goal is to remove as many worries from your plate as possible while clarifying your goals.

Charitable Giving

Philanthropy, both in our community and beyond, is a priority for many of our clients. Your One Day In July Personal CFO will assist you in building an individualized plan for your charitable efforts and goals while also discussing how you may maximize tax savings.


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