Frank Koster VT Advisor

Frank Koster

With 35 years of experience in the financial industry I want to help investors save more of their own money by exposing hidden fees and investing with low-cost index funds.

Shelburne, VT

(802) 777-9768

Josh Kruk Headshot

Josh Kruk

The worst investing decisions are usually driven by fear or greed. You can't control the market but the market can control you if you let it.

Shelburne, VT

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Hans Smith Headshot

Hans Smith

I enjoy teaching clients the value of low-cost asset class diversification. Every investment position in a portfolio should serve a purpose, and that purpose should not be to benefit your broker.

Burlington, VT

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Katie Muttitt VT Advisor

Katie Muttitt

Investing does not have to be complicated. As a financial advisor, I want to help clients gain knowledge and be in control of their finances.

Burlington, VT

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Steve Schleupner Headshot

Steve Schleupner, ChFC®

As a financial advisor, I take pride in developing trusting relationships with my clients and coaching them towards the goal of financial wellness.

Burlington, VT

(301) 514-4499

Dan Cunningham Headshot

Dan Cunningham

Please contact our Burlington office to get in touch with me:

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