Who We Serve

Do I Need A Financial Advisor?

As a fee-only financial advisory firm focusing on index funds, One Day In July serves a wide variety of clients, both in Vermont and nationwide. Our clients range from high net worth individuals to middle-income families; from foundations, nonprofits, and small and large business owners to young investors, retiring investors, female investors, 529 Plan savers, government entities, and 401k or 403b retirement plan seekers.

Our clients come to us with all sorts of concerns and questions. Here are a few:

• How much money do I need to start investing?

• How can I save for college?

• I’m getting married. What do I need to do financially?

• What are the best retirement investments?

• My parents are aging. How do I make a financial checklist?

• I’m recently widowed. How do I come up with a financial plan?

• How can index funds save me money?

• I’m divorcing. How do I financially prepare for a divorce?

• Why do low fees matter? Will low fees save me money?

• Why do I need a fiduciary?

• What can an investment advisor do for me?

And the list goes on.

At One Day In July, we understand that sometimes the first question is: “Where do I start?” We understand that you may be embarrassed by past financial decisions, and hesitant to share your story. This is normal, and common.

We understand that index funds, low fees, investments, fee-only financial advisor, and fiduciary are all just words until we have that first conversation.

We are here to listen, and we welcome your questions.