Financial Advisor

Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Eastern New York.


We are disrupting the advice sector of the financial business. Long a sleepy, high-margin area for financial firms, One Day In July focuses on lowering fees for clients while striving to optimize results via portfolios of index funds. We operate a business model that we believe is wonderful for our clients and difficult for our competitors. We help clients from startup investors to those with high net worth, from individuals to non-profits to businesses. Our rapid growth has attracted attention to financial indexing in Vermont and New England. We intend to publicize our service more widely and become a national firm.

We are looking for people who have intense focus and the organization to accomplish specific tasks each day. Beyond the regulatory compliance that is mandatory, we strive to create a working environment that allows for employee autonomy. We believe accomplishment and merit drive reward. You should feel comfortable taking the lead on projects and pushing forward.

In general, if you would describe yourself as a perfectionist with intense grit, we want to talk to you.

You do not need a background in financial services. We encourage applicants from other fields. Advisor positions require a Series 65 securities license or equivalent. We have a training program for promising individuals who do not hold this license but would like to enter the financial industry.

One Day In July has the advantageous position of not needing or having external investors. Yet we possess agility and growth large firms often lack. Our employees can focus on clients while enjoying disruptive excitement typical of Silicon Valley firms.

Our choice of industry, our choice of geographic location, and our vastly more efficient business model give employees a professional-level career track while enjoying the benefits of living in Vermont or, in the case of financial advisors, their hometown.


  • Our 401k plan consists of excellent, low-cost index funds. As an employee you will have access to the same indexes and models our clients receive. You will not get a 401k with the actively managed, high-fee mutual funds present in so many 401k plans. This matters greatly over time.
  • We do not skimp on resources for our employees. All employees get at least one top-of-the-line 27" iMac computer with fast processors and retina screens.
  • Health care plan.

Women are underrepresented in the financial industry. If you are a woman, we recommend you consider us. There are many other women who would like to work with you as clients.

For all applicants, we will keep your application private, with exceptions discussed with you.

One Day In July LLC is an equal opportunity employer.