Vermont Investment Management

One of the most common concerns we hear when a client approaches us about Vermont investment management is that "investment advisors all seem the same." We would like to draw attention to some fundamental differences between One Day In July LLC and other Vermont investment managers.

  • We use primarily ultra-low cost index funds. Exceptions to this are at client request.
  • We know academic research shows it is impossible to time the market and actively trade stocks in a way that outperforms index funds.
  • Our own fees, which you can see here, are simple to understand and public on this site.
  • Our fees are generally half to a fifth of what other advisors charge.
  • We are not paid "on the back end" by the funds we put in your accounts. Unfortunately this is a rampant practice in the Vermont investment management industry, and it is one of which you need to be aware. We do not participate in this: you are the only person who pays us.

It is common that a new client looking for Vermont investment management will bring in statements and we will see, in their accounts, many high-fee mutual funds, annuities, and other instruments that promise to benefit the financial industry more than the investor.

If you are looking for Vermont investment management we encourage you to contact as at the number below and do a free consultation via phone or in person at our office in Burlington, Vermont.

By using index funds and charging low fees, we aim to improve the state of investment management in Vermont.