Vermont Financial Advisor

When looking for a Vermont financial advisor, here are some important considerations for you to keep in mind.

  • The majority of financial advisors are operating with conflicts of interest (1). The high-cost mutual funds and other products that they put in your accounts pay them on the back end to do so. These are called "commissions" in the industry.
  • Financial Advisors who work for large national firms often come under pressure from the central offices in New York or elsewhere to sell product into client accounts.
  • In the entire nation, there are a small number of firms that focus almost exclusively on index funds. We are one of them (we will make an exception to this at client request or in special circumstances.)
  • Advisors often trade in and out of positions in order to show the client that there is activity, justifying their high fees. We charge extremely low fees and don't make up stories about how activity leads to value. In investing, less activity makes you more money over time (and saves you on fees).
  • We think advisors charging 0.8% to 2% fees is much too high. See our fee schedule here.

It is common that a new client looking for an investment advisor will bring in statements and we will see, in their accounts, many high-fee mutual funds, annuities, and other instruments that promise to benefit the financial industry more than the investor.

If you are looking for a Vermont financial advisor, we encourage you to contact us at the number below and do a free consultation via phone or in person at our office in Burlington, Vermont.

By using index funds and charging low fees, we aim to improve investment management in Vermont and nationwide.

We have a very different service and product offering from other Vermont financial advisors, and we invite you to learn more about it here.

(1) Source: 9/10/2018