Local Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor Near Me

Hello, Neighbor!

If you live in Vermont, One Day In July is a local financial advisory firm, meaning we are either around the corner, in your town, or nearby. Even if you don’t live in Vermont, we still feel local. You will have your financial advisor’s cell phone number, and we can be reached at any time. Being a local financial advisor means that we are aware of the issues that are relevant in your life. You may run into us on the street or at a local event. We are part of your community, which translates to a much deeper professional relationship than you might have with an advisor in another state.

It’s a Beautiful Day in Our Neighborhood

One Day In July is not only a low-fee investment firm but also your neighbor, so the fact that we are your fiduciary financial advisor carries an even deeper meaning. We work in your best interest at all times, as you are not just our client, but part of our own community. Whether you want to know about your retirement options, the best investment plan for your family, or are seeking wealth management advice, we are here to help.

We do not use our relationship with you to sell you high-priced financial products.

Our advisor turnover is low, so you can feel confident that your advisor is making a real commitment to you. While many bigger financial companies often have a high turnover rate of advisors, our firm is small, personalized, and cares about our clients over the long haul. We invite you to stop by and say hello!