Our index fund rebalancing approach has delivered impressive results. It is proprietary to One Day In July.


We communicate with you at the level you desire. We aim to be diligent and get back to clients quickly. Our communications are understandable and approachable.

Your assets are secure

Money is held in accounts at Charles Schwab and Matrix Trust. If we manage external retirement or educational savings accounts for you, that money is not moved from its present location.

Low Fees

Our advisory fees, the funds we use, and trading fees are among the lowest in the nation (1). We are an ultra-low fee advisor, and we encourage you to compare our fees with others.

Investment Allocation

Twenty years of work have led to investment models that are diversified and prepared for different market environments. Each portion of the portfolio serves a specific function for you.


We are long-term thinkers and investors, and we know "bad" human behavior destroys investor returns. We provide a steady, stay-the course mentality through thick and thin.

No Conflicts of Interest

Many advisors are paid "on the back end" by the funds they put in client accounts. We will not do this: our loyalty is only to you. We are not owned by a large financial or insurance company.

Easy to Start or Switch

We do almost all the paperwork for you to join our firm. We manage the entire process of opening accounts and moving money, and we help you get & stay organized.

About Us

We are a rapidly-growing firm headquartered in Vermont with a New Hampshire office, but we can serve clients in all 50 U.S. states. Our objective is to maximize our effect, not our profits.

(1) Source: Financial Advisor Fee Comparison 7/31/2017