Vermont Wealth Management

One Day In July specializies in Vermont Wealth Management. We approach wealth management very different than most other firms in the state, however. We believe fundamentally in three things:

  • Investment management fees are too high at all levels in the investment industry. See our fee chart here.
  • Correct asset allocation is critical for good long term results.
  • Disciplined behavior in following an investment plan is necessary.

A new era of Vermont wealth management is dawning, as One Day In July LLC gets between investors and the financial industry and strips away the excessively high fees that have been muting returns. Actively managed mutual funds are a culprit, and instead of using them we only use collections of extremely low-cost index funds.

We have blended some of John Bogle's low-cost indexing theories with asset diversification ideas from David Swenson, who runs Yale University's endowment.