Our fees are low and clear, and no one pays us other than the client.

This is all of them:

Assets in this Tier Annual Advisory Fee
$0 - $2,000,000 0.5% for assets in this level
$2,000,001 - $20,000,000 0.25% for assets in this level
$20,000,001 - $100,000,000 0.125% for assets in this level
$100,000,001 and above 0.0625% for assets in this level

Asset tiers include all accounts in a household combined. The minimum yearly fee is $500 per household, not per account (this is an overall minimum, not "in addition to" the percentage fee). Certain 401k or 529 accounts are a flat rate 0.5% fee regardless of the household asset level.

When One Day In July manages a 401k plan, the fees above apply to the entire plan's balance, not to each employee. Non One Day In July fees are charged by, and paid only to, the custodian such as Schwab.