Our fee structure is broken into two asset levels. In keeping with our principle of low cost investing, our fee generally ranges from less than a half to a fifth of other financial advisors. Because we believe simplicity leads to understanding, instead of pages of fee explanations, we use one chart.

Unlike 3 out of 4 financial advisors, no one pays us on the back end to influence what investments we buy for you. We are fiduciaries, and we are fee-only.

For Assets in this Tier Annual Fee
$0 - $2,000,000 0.5% annual advisory fee
$2,000,000+ 0.25% annual advisory fee

For clarity: if assets are above $2,000,000, the 0.5% rate is billed on the first $2,000,000, and the 0.25% rate is billed on the portion of assets that are above $2,000,000.

The minimum yearly fee is $500. When One Day In July manages a 401k plan, the fees above apply to the entire plan's balance.

3 out of 4 Source: Cerulli Associates via WSJ.com 2/25/15