Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based Advisor?

Just Tell Me How Much it Will Cost!

You realize that you may need a financial advisor. You’d like to invest some money from your new business, but aren’t sure how to start. You’d love to find a retirement advisor in your community, but you keep putting it off. You need an investment plan for your family but want some guidance. You may switch jobs, and are concerned about how to rollover your 401k plan. You’ve heard that wealth management can make a huge difference, but aren’t sure it’s worth it.

And then you keep coming back to the main question: how much will this cost?

So, you Google it.

And then you get hit with all sorts of conflicting terms coming at you, like “fee-based advisor vs. fee-only advisor” and “low-fee financial advisor” and “fee-based retirement advisor.” It can make your head spin.

We can explain, simply and quickly.

Fee-Only Financial Advisor

One Day In July is a fee-only financial advisor. As registered financial advisors, we do not sell products for which we are paid commission. Our low fees are transparent and simple. We are independent advisors, meaning that we do not work for a large financial firm. As fiduciaries, we operate in your best interest, at all times.

In contrast, fee-based advisors may charge both fees and commissions. We do not believe this to be in your best interest.

If you are paying 1% or more – and many people are – we believe you are paying too much.

Our Reveal

At the end of a film, book, or television show, there is often a “reveal,” in which a deep truth or final revelation of the story is unveiled. Something has been kept secret from you: the audience. At One Day In July, we believe in the reveal much earlier on in your story: even before you sign on as a client. There are no secrets, no surprises. You can see our fees right here.

Here’s our reveal (and it’s free): you may be paying too much in fees. Over time, this can be a huge loss to your net worth.

Our clients appreciate that we are direct and honest. Check out our growth rate here. Wouldn’t you rather know now?