It's a common question...

In one month, our founder, Dan Cunningham, read two facts that were life changing.

The first: all 8,690 kindergarten teachers combined in the U.S. did not make as much money as the top 25 hedge fund managers (1). Ironically, the fees for those hedge fund managers were coming, in part, from retirement savings of the kindergarten teachers!

The second: the average equity investor misses out on 7 of 8 dollars of market returns, partly due to incorrect behavior, and partly due to the high fees of the financial industry (2).

Dan had had enough. It was July 22, 2015, and on that one day in July, he decided this was going to change.

(1) Source: Lauren Carroll Politifact and U.S. Labor Dept 6/15/15
(2) Source: Dalbar 21st Annual Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior. 2015 through 2018 Editions.