Female Investors

Wanted: Female Investors & Advisors

Female Investors Matter

American women celebrated their right to vote exactly 100 years ago this month, when the 19th Amendment was passed by both chambers of Congress on June 4, 1919. Since that monumental day, women have made incredible strides in every area of American life: in business, science, politics, medicine, and technology; in the arts, education, finance, literature, media, law, academia, sports, and countless other arenas.

For progress to continue, it is important that women understand how to invest money and wealth. Wealth is power, wealth is choice, and wealth is freedom. At One Day In July we believe that society benefits from women having more of all three.

Hetty Green managed to amass a fortune on Wall Street among men. She did it 125 years ago. We want to help you today.

Are You a Woman and an Investor?

We want more women to be investors. Too many women still express frustration that their financial advisor doesn’t speak directly to them, doesn’t listen to them, doesn’t prioritize their concerns. Too many women still hold the image in their minds of “financial advisor” as an old guy playing golf. Too many women still feel that taking charge of their financial picture will add one more thing to their plate or to-do list.

One Day In July is committed to finding out why, and to trying to change this. Our goal is to offer you clarity, ownership, and direct eye contact. We will listen to you. One Day In July celebrates the centennial, but still sees a definite need for progress.

Female Advisors? Yes!

We also want more women to be advisors and join our smart, driven team. If you are a tenacious self-starter with grit and determination, and you share our clear vision of investing clients in a portfolio of low-cost, diversified index funds, we welcome you to contact us. A fast-growing firm, we are a family-friendly employer of choice based in the heart of Burlington, Vermont –arguably one of the greatest small cities in America – and we are expanding quickly into other parts of New England and beyond.


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