Switching Financial Advisors

How to Switch Financial Advisors

Switching financial advisors can be awkward and uncomfortable, so many people avoid it. You may have known your advisor for a long time, and feel loyalty. They might be a personal friend, or someone who’s coached your kids in soccer. Maybe your parents worked with them, or they are just…easy…because, let’s face it, who wants to go through the hassle that you’ve heard comes along with switching?

Inertia, unfortunately, feeds the big firms of the financial industry. They know how uncomfortable this can be, and they bank on it. Literally.

It is Possible to Stay Too Long at the Fair.

At One Day In July, we believe in short-term discomfort for long-term gain. We believe in low fees, in transparency, in the word ‘fiduciary” being used the way it should be, and in you being the steward of our own money. We make advisor switches as smooth and streamlined as possible. Many relationship switches can be awkward (if you have run into your ex-wife, ex-therapist, or ex-doctor at the movies, you will know what we mean here), but one could argue that they have all been worth it.

Isn’t your health, wealth, and happiness worth a few awkward moments?