A final thought for 2018

My son, age 8, brought a painting home from school and proudly asked me what it was. I froze. "A lamb?" I said. "Nope." "A dog?" "No dad." "A raccoon in the snow?" He was getting annoyed; the excitement had fizzled. "Dad, clearly it's a sloth."

We all see things different ways, and they don't always align. What is obvious to one of us may be obscure to another. And that's good, that makes the world a diverse place. Sometimes a big argumentative, but let's stick with diverse.

To be a good investor is to enjoy looking down both ends of the telescope. You must be skeptical of almost everything, yet optimistic about human endeavor. Those who took a pessimist's view have paid an enormous price over the years. And markets require us to be both interested and dispassionate, a conundrum that requires continuous practice.

Thank you for the trust you put in us. Behind all the theories and models, we know that trust is there, more solid than ethereal. We appreciate it. We try to return it by being clear about our work, by being unconflicted in our structure, and by making decisions in the same manner as if our position with you was reversed.

Ultimately we have a lot of responsibility. Due to the compounding or decaying nature of curves, well-orchestrated investments can result in a very different life years down the road. We want the positive side of that outcome for you. To take the long-term pressure off and enjoy retirement. To support local charities. To upgrade to the jumbo shrimp at your son or daughter's wedding.

Thank you for 2018. 2019, we await you.

On, sail on.

Dan Cunningham

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