An open letter to investment advisors, from our founder Dan Cunningham:

In the twilight of your life, you will, at some point, look in the mirror in reflection. It will be a time of quiet self-analysis - the years of "doing" will be long over. You will have to answer only to yourself: did you do what was right? Did you listen to that graduation speaker from years ago, exhorting you to do meaningful work? Or did you take the commonly travelled road in finance, obscuring commissions, selling high priced products, ignoring index funds, and trying to self-justify it using the cloak of personal relationships?

If these types of questions are on your mind, we want to talk to you.

Self-reflective advisors in the financial industry increasingly ask themselves why their firms often are charging clients high amounts, and then steering a good portion of this harvest to headquarters. It's not only clients who are being harmed: many good advisors see their firms, riddled with conflicts of interest, draining their enthusiasm.

We have three advantages over existing firms: we have a superior low-overhead business model, our execution is fast and efficient, and we operate on a thin profit margin. This results in more favorable revenue splits for you.

We are looking for advisors, generally with existing practices, across the United States. We'll consider starting advisors in certain situations.

There are three things you need to bring to the table: an unwavering belief in low-cost indexing, an excellent attitude regarding regulatory compliance, and a desire to be your own boss, running your own office.

I can be reached at or 802-881-9020.

I look forward to a conversation,

- Dan Cunningham

"Finis origine pendet."