How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

Simplifying Your 401(k)

Planning for retirement can be a confusing and daunting process. Prospective clients ask us questions about how much money they will need, how much they can grow their money while still working, and the best ways to save for retirement. At One Day In July, we focus on helping you make the best retirement savings and investment choices for you and your family as you move forward with your financial goals. We offer a comprehensive and competitive set of retirement plan options.

We Will Come To You

People interested in coming on board often worry about how they will convert their 401(k) and 403(b) accounts. Your One Day In July advisor will come to your place of employment and walk you through your conversion.

Business Owners and Retirement

If you are a business owner, we understand that you may be completely overwhelmed, and your to-do list may be overflowing. Your One Day In July advisor will simplify and clarify the retirement plans and options that you are offering your employees, without a lot of work on your part. Let us take this one very important thing off your plate!

Saving for Retirement

Much of your returns come from your savings and employer contributions. It’s important to start saving today in the right plan for you. Many Americans are not saving enough for retirement (some are not saving anything at all), and we understand how critical this step is for your future. As fiduciaries, we work at all times in your best interest; we will not buy or sell you products.

Stay the Course in Market Volatility

Focusing on the whole picture is always our philosophy, and retirement is no exception to this rule, even in the face of anxiety over the markets or your future. As Warren Buffett said: “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” (1) It’s natural that investors get optimistic about growth and worry during a drought, or want to rush the expected returns of long-terms plans. But a tree takes years to grow, and it’s important to remember to stay the course through the ups and downs of both the bountiful and the drier seasons of the market.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out and contact a One Day In July advisor to discuss retirement options.


Source: Forbes, 10/4/18