Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

Much to Do, Little Time

Life, as we all know, can be complicated. It can get messy, and overwhelming. Piles overflow. The to-do list can seem endless. Decisions have more and more angles. Your finances can take a back seat to the need to “put out fires” in the here and now. You may feel embarrassed by choices you made, and hesitant to share them with an advisor. There is so much to do, and no time to look forward, or out, or in. Before we know it, our heads are spinning.

Let’s stop the spinning.

One Day In July is trying to simplify your life. As your investment advisor, we will look at your whole picture (messy or not!) and discuss with you all of your options, plain and simple. Together, we will break it down, understand your situation, and get you onto a direct path to your end goal: savings, growth, and most of all, simplicity.

One Day In July is a transparent, fiduciary and independent financial advisory firm. Your One Day In July advisor will act at all times in your best interest, with no hidden fees or commissions. Our fees are low and uncomplicated.

Embarrassing Questions? We Have Answers.

Whether you come to us with a series of initial questions that may feel embarrassing (most new clients feel this way!) – “What is an index fund?” “How can I invest in index funds?” “What is an investment plan?” “I’m mortified about my past financial choices; can you help?”– or with a very advanced understanding of investing, we can help you better understand what you are doing with your own money, streamline your financial picture and get you back to a healthy sense of financial wellness. Simplicity leads to understanding; one could argue that understanding is everything.

Life is undeniably complicated, but your finances don’t need to be. Let us at One Day In July simplify one big piece of it for you. Isn’t that worth an investment?

"Simplicity is the glory of expression."

~Walt Whitman