Investing and Major Life Events

When is it Time to Hire a Financial Advisor?

Making a Plan

Life is full of major events: some are good, some not so good. In fact, sometimes we seem to jump from one milestone to another, barely able to catch our breath.

Marriage. New job. First home. Children. College. New business. New venture. Aging parents. Job change. Divorce. Selling a home. Second home. Illness. Graduate school. Downsizing. Real estate. Retirement. The loss of a spouse, loved one, or parent. Inheritance. Making a plan. Changing a plan.

Changing a Plan

At One Day In July, we understand that these changes can be stressful and confusing. We understand that making the best retirement investments when you are 25, or thinking about your child’s college fund when you are pregnant, seems irrelevant. We understand that wealth management may not be on your radar as you brainstorm your first business. We understand that “is an index fund or ETF better?” is not the burning question on your mind as you walk down the aisle (at least we hope not!).

As fiduciary fee-only investment advisors, that is our job. We listen, we look ahead and we help you plan. Our eye is on the long-term ball so you can focus on the now.

Which IS, in fact, the major event.