Custom SRI Portfolios

In addition to our standard Environmental model, we can explore the construction of customized Socially-Responsible Investing (SRI) solutions for investors who are interested in applying different screens or want their investments to emphasize other factors.

We have access to a variety of environmental, social and governance criteria that we can use to search for funds that score well in a particular area. Examples include eliminating or reducing holdings in weapons manufacturers, tobacco companies, or companies that have experienced customer or labor issues, among others.

Regardless of the criteria applied, the approach to portfolio construction remains the same. We utilize low-cost exchange-traded funds to build a diversified portfolio and overlay that process with a screen that reduces exposure to the investor's area of concern. Though it may not be possible to completely eliminate all exposure to the selected criteria, our goal will always be to have substantially less than the broad U.S. stock market.

In addition to the negative screens described above, investors who have an Impact allocation can customize it to include a specific goal, provided there are available funds that align with that goal. For example, in addition to (or in place of) funds focused on clean energy, an investor may be interested in adding exposure to companies whose products or services help address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or to companies that promote gender diversity.

Due to factors such as cost, liquidity or product availability, it may not be possible to solve for every unique goal an investor has. However, we are always willing and able to explore available avenues with our clients.

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