401k & 403b Plans_____________________

We offer an extremely low cost 401k /403b retirement solution. We cut out brokers, eliminate conflicts of interest, and remove layers of hidden fees. By using Vanguard index funds, we help employees maximize their savings and investments.

We are an extremely low-fee financial advisor. We work with businesses and non-profits to implement low-cost index fund-based retirement plans. Generally we design plans using diverse options of Vanguard index funds.

Low Fees. The high fees in current 401k / 403b plans eat up much of employees' retirement savings. We remove or drastically reduce fees at many levels.

Index Funds. We select well-constructed, low-fee, highly traded index funds for your plan. We include enough to give employees a wide array of options.

Advice. We offer conflict of interest-free advice to businesses and non-profits, often in person. We are licensed investment advisors.

Clarity. Employees sometimes feel that they have no direction in current 401k & 403b plans. We help them start and stay in a long-term model.

Tax Savings. For both execs and employees, these plans offer tremendous tax benefits. We convert and help organizations set up new plans.

Liability. Businesses are legally liable for their plans, and plaintiffs' attorneys have started winning lawsuits due to high-fee plans. We reduce this risk.

Easy Transition. We'll handle the entire conversion or setup process for you. We don't want this to be "another task on your plate."

We Focus. We are 100% focused on making sure employees save and invest well. We don't sell other products like insurance or health benefits.

Stability. Our plan partner has over 100,000 employees on its platform. All funds are held in accounts at an S&P 400 banking corporation.

Breadth. We offer employees who wish to select their own funds a lineup that contains substantial breadth across asset classes and around the world.