Our Environmental Focus

At One Day In July, we focus sustainable investing on the environment, recognizing the urgency of climate change and the tangible nature of the metrics available. We work to cut through the frenzied noise surrounding this growing field, while sticking to our basic principles: simplicity, low fees and personalized attention.

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Our Environmental Metrics

Our environmental investing screens are centered around two key metrics - fossil fuel reserves and carbon intensity. These address the extraction of carbon from the ground, and its effect on the atmosphere as it is used, globally.


Throughout history, investors have sought to use their capital to effect change. We know there are many ways each of us can make a difference - advocacy, activism, philanthropy, direct action. But we hear, over and over, how individuals and institutions want to speak clearly through their investments.

At a time when climate change is no longer in question, we seek to offer opportunities to do more.

Our Commitment to You

Our focus on diverse, low-cost index funds allows us to offer simple, transparent, and low fees. Our commitment to this philosophy spans our client portfolios, but may have particular resonance in environmental investing, where advisory and fund fees can often run high.

It is rare to find a financial firm dedicated to both personal attention and low fees. That is One Day In July.

Digging Deeper

Understanding the urgency of climate change and the potential responses to it requires richer knowledge of how we got here, and how our collective choices are affecting the world around us.

Environmental Investing Insights

One of the classic arguments against fossil fuel divestment is that it doesn’t have a direct impact on profitability or on the amount of fossil fuels being consumed. This argument has merit up to a point, but we may have passed that point in terms of scale.

Institutional investors with a collective $39 trillion under management have now committed to some form of fossil fuel divestment.1 This does not include the millions of individuals and small institutions who have done the same.

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